I am typing this blog post in the airport Starbucks, 30 minutes away from boarding my one-way flight to Taipei. I never thought I’d be the kind of person who ~blogs~ but here I am. The focus of this project is to document my travels and experience in Taiwan and Asia for myself, and a bit vainly, to potentially inspire other women of color to do the same.

Even though it is 2018, I still face a lot of judgement about my decision to pack my bags and leave. “Aren’t you going to miss your family?” “What about your career?” “You’re 25, shouldn’t you be settling down?” “Isn’t it dangerous in that part of the world?” The series of silly questions continue, and I nod my head absently. While some of those questions are sort of valid, I disregard them and simply ask myself, “why settle when you can explore?”

So here I am, 25 years-old saying goodbye to stability and loved ones for a life of confusion, amazement, and solo adventure. Well, only partially solo. My partner already lives in Taiwan, so I will have someone to trek a new part of the globe with.

For employment, I have a 7-month English teaching contract at Dazhu Middle School in Taoyuan. I feel lucky securing this position as I stumbled across a recruiting company, Dewey, who essentially did all the hard work for me. I simply prepared for my interview and gathered paperwork. Two and a half weeks later, I sit in the airport ready to begin January 8.

My goals for this year are few, but important: 1) make a friend. 2) travel to a new place every month. 3) be some-what proficient in Mandarin. 4) evolve this blog.

I’m excited to see where life takes me and share it on the world-wide-web!