Hi, I’m Michelle!

Thank you for dropping by my portfolio and taking the time to get to know me. I’m a first-year Digital Media Master’s Student at Georgia Tech. I’m currently seeking a Summer 2021 UX Design internship.

My design journey began while teaching English in Taipei, Taiwan. During the day, I created interactive lesson plans, and by night I filmed vlogs, drew comics, and took photos of my time there. (If you’re interested to learn more about my time in Taiwan, read more here or watch some of my videos!) Upon my return to the United States, I wanted to combine my passion for art, visual communication, and technology in my career and came across the field of design!

Some random facts about me…
📍I love cats, but I don’t have the privilege of living with one (yet). (The cat in the above photo was a friendly stray found in San Antonio, Texas.)
📍I enjoy long-distance bicycling, yoga, meditation, reading, and karaoke.
📍I think film photography is simply wonderful. I currently shoot with Lomo’Instant & Praktica Eletronica. My favorite film is Portra 400 & Ektar 100. I occasionally shoot with my DSLR, but nothing beats film. #filmisnotdead
📍I love movies – good & bad. I’ll watch anything and have a strong opinion. Feel free to check out my diary on Letterboxd!
📍I respond to the following nicknames: Meesh, Meeshy, Michelley, Mitchell, Bean Brain, MoFo, Missy Foo, and so much more. I can’t wait to be friends and add more nicknames to the list.

I’m always happy to connect and chat. Feel free to find me on LinkedIn or Instagram, or shoot me an email, michelle.m.ramirez8@gmail.com