As a student associate for Georgia Tech’s School of Public Policy, I am tasked with website maintenance and graphic design for the web & social media. Below are a few pieces of work I’ve created for the school.


An updated version of the School of Public Policy visual for brochure and website to explain the integrated purpose of the program.
Visual for Master of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management that is the same visual style as the School of Public Policy’s graphic.
Visual graphic to represent the potential career paths graduates of the School of Public Policy can pursue. This is found on the school’s brochure and website
A graphic to explain the two-year MSEEM program and course expectations. The graphic can be found on the website here.
I redesigned The School of Public Policy brochure, which explains the program to prospective students. You can view the full brochure here.


In addition to managing the School of Public Policy’s website, I design and write content for the School’s LinkedIn account. Over the course of four months, I consolidated the School’s out-of-date LinkedIn profiles and created a new, polished account that has gained over 200 followers in less than two months. On a day-to-day, I brainstorm social media campaigns, write copy, interview students and staff, and post content adhering to strict deadlines. Below are a few pieces that I wrote & designed.

Visual graphic created using InDesign to promote the 2021 Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage Award. I also wrote the copy for the LinkedIn post, which can be found here.
I was responsible for the ideation and structure of the MSEEM Student Shoutout. This is a once-a-month post that highlights previous MSEEM students and how their experience helped their careers. It includes a quote from the student and a one-minute YouTube video. Here is the inaugural post.
Designed the visual graphic using Photoshop & Illustrator for the School of Public Policy’s brand new LinkedIn profile. I also wrote the copy for the post, which can be found here.
Visual graphic created for LinkedIn to congratulate School of Public Policy essay winners. We ultimately did not post this story as other events were more important to promote.

I wrote the copy for this LinkedIn post.


In an effort to bring more revamp Georgia Tech’s SEEM existing YouTube Channel, I updated the branding of the page. This includes the profile picture, banner image, and creating a standardized thumbnail graphic for future videos. You can watch the student feature here.