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A Period of Solitude

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The end of January / beginning of February has been a trying time in my personal growth

Taiwan winter is days of rain and chilly winds that follow you everywhere. I am cold in my school; I am cold during my walks; I am cold on the bus; I am cold in my apartment. There is no escaping the chill or the umbrellas.

Amid this bleak winter,  solitude

I’ve been feeling rather isolated. My sister claims “solitude” and “isolation” are too dark, but it feels accurate to my experience.

  1. I’ve never lived alone until now. I enjoy the sense of community a home can have. Shifting my mentality to only consider my needs has planted a seed of loss.
  2. I’ve never lived outside of the US. The constraints are obvious: cultural differences & language barriers. Despite the recognizable challenges, it doesn’t make it easier. I regret not taking my Chinese lessons more seriously in the States.
  3. I’ve never created teaching curriculum. I am comfortable presenting information to students, but  I’ve never worked autonomously on lesson places with little to no guidance.

frankly, I feel lost.

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